Regardless of The Past, You Are Powerful

Regardless of The Past, You Are Powerful

I was talking to a client who had suffered through a lot of childhood trauma. As we talked, he mentioned how he felt he couldn’t possibly heal himself or even put behind what he had experienced.

I could see that he saw himself as the messed up product of all of those experiences. I explained that he wasn’t the sum of all of what he had experienced.

I focused on creating a new possibility for him: If he played his cards right, not only could he heal himself but he could become even stronger and even more gifted than what he ever would have been if he hadn’t experienced those things.

Different concept right?

I’m living proof of it.

For those of you who have experienced childhood trauma, know that you can heal and become so in your own power that you could use the light that you create to not just shine bright but to bring that light to others who need it.

Regardless of the past, you are powerful.

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