What is your specialty?

As a Certified Life Coach, I have a passion for personal, health, family, and entrepreneurship Coaching.

I also love working with teens and college students as they navigate the challenging road into adulthood.

Coaching has always been my gift so being a Life Coach has given me the opportunity to help hundreds of clients reach their goals and dreams.

My clients have described our sessions as an epiphany, and they have regained a new and positive outlook on life.

They are learning how to break through the barriers that are holding them back.

Life and Business Coach Gina Catan Eckstein

Why did you decide to become a Life Coach?

I have been a successful entrepreneur and CEO of several companies. I loved running businesses for almost 20 years, appearing in People Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC, NBC and CNN and received numerous awards, including Entrepreneurs of the Year.

But what I loved most of all was helping individuals run their own business and help them excel and surpass their goals.

Can you please share what you have personally worked on?

Being an entrepreneur requires a tremendous amount of tenacity, determination, and courage. Sometimes taking that leap is daunting.

When I started my business, I would have loved to have a coach guide me through so many challenging times. After many years of trial and error,

I now want to help others avoid the same mistakes and empower them to be the best they can be while guiding them and supporting them.

Tell us about your certifications and awards:

University of Southern California BA in Communications and Social Science ACC Life Coach Accreditation from the International Coach Federation Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

How can we benefit from your coaching?

Whether you want to work on self-improvement, weight loss, fitness goals, wellness, relationships, stress, adulting, entrepreneurial and financial goals, balance, goal setting, business challenges, or any other issues that are weighing you down, I can help.

I also offer personal growth classes such as adulting, goal-setting and positive mindset skills. I coach in person, by phone or online in English or Spanish. Our sessions are all about helping you reach your own personal summit.

I love to coaching because to say it simply, it works!

Tell us about yourself:

I am a mother of two wonderful college graduates and have been happily married for 25 years.

I love hiking, spinning, healthy cooking and have a passion for traveling.

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