What made you decide to become a Hypnotherapist?

My dream as a child was to become a health care provider. It didn't matter whether I was a nurse, a doctor, or a psychologist. I reached my career goal when I obtained a master's in psychology and then a plethora of other mental health-related certifications, Hypnotherapy being the pinnacle of my qualifications.

My mental health training took me further past education; I learned that not everything is in books. Everyone has their way of discovering what works for them and assisting individuals in finding their path is an enriching experience.

The most important experience that led me to follow the path of hypnotherapist was in a graduate class.

My project for that semester was to create a script and hypnotize my classmates. It was exhilarating to see that my efforts paid off – I hypnotized the classroom, including my professor.

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Can you please share what you yourself worked on?

Thanks to my instructor's wife, a certified hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy eliminated my fear of cockroaches. I can now kill a cockroach (there are lots in Texas) without going into a frenzy.

Yin-yoga meditation incorporating self-hypnosis modalities has helped me keep grounded and focused on my goals.

I am bilingual, English and Spanish, and conduct my therapeutic sessions in both languages.

Tell us about your multiple other certifications:

The University of Houston in Clear Lake: Obtained a master’s degree in Psychology focused on Training Parents of Children with Autism.

Certified Hypnotherapist by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Certified Master Neuro-linguistic Programmer by Priority Academy – Graham Nicholls

Meditation Coach certified by Priority Academy – Graham Nicholls

Yin Yoga teacher – Anjali

Allegra Learning Solutions – Nutrition, Chronic Disease, Health Promotion Certified translator (Spanish < >English) by the Global Translation Institute


I treat each issue as a free-standing project, and my training has given me the tools to help people reach their goals. My mission is to motivate individuals to keep sight of their purpose and be persistent until they are there.

My style and beliefs

I offer non-judgmental support by standing by and supporting my clients in their endeavors. I am my client's cheerleader.

  • Listening is one of my most vital skills.
  • I treat everyone with empathy and genuine interest in their well-being.
  • Uplifting the downtrodden – my clients are worthy of happy and fulfilled lives.
  • I always keep in mind that everyone comes with baggage and outstanding attributes.
  • Welcoming people from all walks of life - Everyone has a story to tell.

I am grateful that my clients have trusted me to help them make their lives easier.

How does your coaching add to your hypnotherapy sessions?

My coaching style encompasses the following:

Help clients to make changes and believe in themselves.

Help clients clarify their goals and chose the best route.

Identify and eliminate obstacles or triggers.

Maintain a healthy outlook and remain grounded.

Being present for clients whenever they need uplifting is vital to keep them focused on their goals.

Topics I enjoy helping people:

Depression and anxiety are recurring topics that lead to more weight gain or loss, smoking, insomnia, stuttering, crying spells, feeling of worthlessness, anger, and even sexual dysfunction. Treating the underlying factors that lead to depression and anxiety is the key for many finding well-being and happiness.

Is there something else I want to share:

It's imperative to move forward and don't look back unless it’s to count our blessings.

A grateful heart has proven to be a great healer and self-worth promoter.

Once we believe in ourselves, we are confident that we can accept change.

Be present, and if you are reading this, you are ready for me.

I look forward to making a positive difference in your life.

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