Hypnotherapy for Hollywood Celebrities

When Hollywood needs hypnotherapy, they come to Sasha Carrion.

Her clients include actors, writers, directors, producers, as well as other people behind the scenes. In fact, they often end up referring Sasha to their friends and family. One of the main reasons actors enjoy hypnosis is because it helps them to detach from the characters that they have played . This is particularly important if the last role played was very dark or negative. This is because when a person acts, they put themselves in a kind of hypnotic state in which they are able to channel the energy of the particular character. They both physically and emotionally become the character that they are playing. That is how they are able to make everything look so real — in their minds, it is.

While this makes for great movies, everything you do has an effect on you. More often than not, the lines between an actor’s identity and that of their character become blurry. Unbeknownst to the public, this situation takes a toll on a person. It can cause all kinds of imbalances in a person’s behavior, as well as their physical health. That is why hypnotherapy is so highly sought-after in Hollywood.

Hypnotherapy allows creative professionals to center themselves and tap into who they truly are so that they can detach themselves from their roles when they need to. It also gives them the control they need to easily enter into a hypnotic acting state, which will allow them to give Oscar-worthy performances. And for those who need to quickly move from one role to another, hypnotherapy helps actors let go of their past role and move into the new one with ease.

Hypnosis also allows celebrities to keep a handle on who they are, as opposed to who they may feel their public persona is “supposed” to be. This allows them to keep themselves focused on their acting careers as well as on what makes them happy. As the ancient Greek mantra says, “Know Thyself.” There is a part of each and every person that knows all their problems and all their solutions. Hypnosis allows you to tap into that part of yourself, helping keep high-profile individuals centered, and reducing the risk of falling by the Hollywood wayside. Hypnosis is perfect for finding happiness from within.

Probably the most universal request from members of the entertainment industry is help to relieve anxiety and stress. This is very understandable, considering the demanding and fickle nature of this industry. Hypnosis allows Hollywood executives, actors, as well as the people behind the scenes put everything into perspective so that they are able to let go of that which does not benefit them, and stay calm and focused. We may not have control over other people, but we do have control over how we react to the things around us.

Sasha Carrion, CHT, keeps high standards of confidentiality. All sessions are guarded by a guarantee of confidentiality.

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