Recover From A Break-Up / Deal With A Divorce

Moving On

Going through a divorce or a break-up is never easy. For one thing, the fact that we invest so much time, energy, and emotions into our relationships makes the reality of not being a part of a relationship take some getting used to. For some, it may be hard to imagine not having that person in your life, regardless of how miserable the relationship makes you. Hypnosis can help you to make a decision and move forward with it, knowing that you are doing what is right for you.

Sabotaging Patterns

Have you noticed a pattern of specific behavior that causes you to sabotage your relationships or your ability to even be in a relationship? Hypnosis can help you get to the root of what has been causing you to undermine your own happiness so that you can resolve those issues and start behaving in ways that bring you what you want – a happy and healthy relationship.

Most negative relationship patterns are learned from what we saw in the relationships of our parents. Children and teenagers are highly suggestible — always absorbing experiences and inferring what they mean. This explains why things that happen in our early years tend to leave indelible impressions about our perceived reality – regardless of whether those beliefs are true or not. Say your parents fought a lot and ended up having a nasty divorce. As a result, your subconscious mind may now have a limiting belief that relationships are a source of pain, so you unconsciously end up doing things to end them. Hypnosis can help you better understand yourself so that you can make the right changes for you.


Being in an abusive relationship for any length of time can cause damage to your personality and your psyche. It can also set you up to become involved with other people who will abuse you in the future. Hypnosis can help you to get over the emotional pain that abusive relationships cause, and empower you in such a way that you will never allow anybody to abuse you again – physically or emotionally.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of healthy relationships. When each partner communicates effectively with the other, misunderstandings that cause strife can be avoided. Under hypnosis, you can create new positive associations that will help you communicate more effectively with your loved ones.

Be Open To Start Dating Again

Having gone through a painful break-up or divorce, you might find yourself hesitating to enter into another relationship. As humans, the need for love and acceptance is part of the actualization process — we can no more stop seeking out others to be involved with than we can stop breathing. With an eye toward the future, hypnosis can also help you to begin to start opening yourself to the idea of dating and potentially being in a new relationship.

Let Go of the Negativity

When you’ve gone through a painful break-up or a divorce, you have a store of negative emotions that need to be aired out. Under hypnosis, you can fully explore these emotions in a safe way so that you are able to release them to a point where you have closure. Hypnosis can ease your journey through the rough landscape of the post-break-up, post-divorce world.

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