Eliminate Limiting Beliefs: Build Self Confidence, Improve Self Esteem

Imagine that your mind contains a script that subconsciously tells you how much you can succeed and how much you can fail before you take action to improve your situation. If you find yourself constantly thinking negative thoughts — not smart enough, too fat, cannot be financially stable, not as capable as other people, don’t deserve to have the job of my dreams — these are all symptoms of low self esteem. You may find yourself unconsciously sabotaging yourself because “success” isn’t part of your script. Your mind rejects success the same way the minds of successful people reject failure. You’re just as smart and capable as the next person, but your life script is very different. If this is happening to you, then it’s time to rewrite it.

Almost all limiting beliefs stem from the things that you learned as a child from the adults around you, the different situations that you experienced, and even the images that you saw on TV. Some things you may have been taught directly, and others you may have assumed based on how you saw certain situations develop around you. For still others, it may be that you hit some bad times in which everything seemed to go wrong and your mind became conditioned to expecting things to continue going wrong. It is a mixture of limited beliefs that can lead to a unified negative belief that may dominate key areas in your life. It can make you feel like you will never reach your goals. This is how a person becomes their own worst enemy — they lack self confidence, and stop themselves from achieving what they want most in life.

Since your mind is already trained to expect negative things, your mind has a filter that pays special attention to when those things happen. Those situations then further justify your continuing to feel as you do. Your mind starts further anticipating more of the same, ultimately creating your own self-fulfilling prophecies. Negative self-talk is damaging — it impairs our thinking and clouds our judgment. We often don’t even try to do things that we really want, because of the negative scripts constantly running in our heads.

Remember the old Saturday Night Live character, Stewart Smalley? He used to say, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” Stewart Smalley satirizes the most prominent self-help movements of the time. They believed that by saying a positive “affirmation” each day about yourself or your goal, you could quell any negativity and help yourself achieve your goals. For most people, that isn’t enough.

Since most of your script goes back to the repetitive experiences that you’ve had in the past, it takes more than just affirmations to eliminate “programming” that has long been a part of you. Through the relaxing state of hypnosis, you can safely explore your script in a calm and safe manner. During your hypnosis sessions, you will become highly suggestible, which gives you the ability to take on positive suggestions. This is what makes hypnosis one of the most effective ways of eliminating negativity and replacing it with positivity and optimism.

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