Overcome addiction

Addiction can be very difficult to deal with. It doesn’t matter what type of addiction you’re facing, whether it is to drugs — prescription or otherwise — gambling, food, cigarettes, or alcohol. Hypnotherapy for addiction can help you free yourself.

For some, a variety of substances can become a substitute for unmet needs, or to deal with the aftermath of trauma. For others, the addiction may have stemmed from a prescription to pain medication that gets used long after the original issue or injury has lapsed. In both situations, the more the substance is consumed, the more becomes necessary to just feel normal.

While hypnotherapy for addiction does not replace traditional treatment programs, it does complement them. Hypnotherapy works at the subconscious level and is particularly effective at helping you resolve the root causes of most addiction problems.

When you are under hypnosis — a deeply relaxed state — you have access to that part of your mind where all of your conditioned responses reside. Because the hypnotic state is also one of heightened suggestibility, your mind will be able to much more easily accept positive suggestions of well being. Our goal with hypnotherapy for addiction is to replace your previous behaviors with new ones that are in line with you being in control of your life.

Over the years, studies have been conducted that have proved the efficacy of utilizing hypnosis in the treatment of addiction. A 1984 study by the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis discovered that 94% of methadone addicts who were treated with hypnotherapy remained clean. More recently, a 2004 study in the same publication similarly found that 77% of 18 clients with various addictions ranging from alcoholism to cocaine addiction remained drug free one year following the hypnosis treatments. For this reason, hypnotherapy is being used more and more as an effective adjuntant therapy for addiction.

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