What Our Clients Have To Say

Samar Atallah

I’m so grateful I met Lara!! She is an amazing and professional therapist as well as a compassionate and thoughtful human. My sessions with her helped me break the vicious circle of my relationship with food. I finally look and feel better and healthier than ever. Truly recommend her!!!

Laura P.

I have had the incredible experience of with working with Anna Pia Hubacher, Hypno-Therapist. From the first interaction with Anna Pia, I felt comfortable and at ease. She has such a calmness both in her voice and demeanor it allowed me to relax and be open to the "work". I was filled with anxiety and through my work with Anna Pia, I found relief. Almost beyond my belief, but yet it continues to work!

Tim S.

I worked with Anna Pia at the suggestion of my wife, and really didn't know what to expect. Her calm, trustworthy demeanor put me at ease quickly, and she was able, in short order, to find impediments I had put in my life of which I was not even aware. Working with her has given me renewed purpose and a sense of calmness I have lacked for some time. I'm not your typical online commentator, but, she helped me so much, I'm happy to endorse her. I'd recommend her 100%.

Cheryl B.

I have been seeing Gina Eckstein for months. She has guided and helped me through some really tough times. Her compassion is a gift and helped me to become a more positive and understanding person. I trust Gina and always enjoy speaking with her and listening to her advice on how to improve my life!

Sami Abdou

It’s not often you come across someone who not only has the passion but the ability to change your life. I’ve struggled with pretty severe depression for most of my adult life. I’ve been on anti-depressants and have seen many other therapists for years but decided to try hypnotherapy as something new. Best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Right before the pandemic, I visited Sasha for the first time and was immediately disarmed by her warmth and knowledge of the process. And since then, in the midst of a pandemic, of solo quarantining, of months of unemployment, I can say I’ve never felt better. I can count on one hand the amount of depressed days I’ve had since. This has been the biggest breakthrough in my depression in years and I couldn’t thank her enough. Excited for what’s more to come.

Akram Atallah

Lara is excellent, she was attentive, smart, caring and effective. She helped me narrow down my issue and then addressed it spot on, thank you.

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