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Enhance Creativity by Overcoming Subconscious Blocks with Hypnotherapy

Write, compose, paint… Create!

Creative people often suffer incredible self-doubt that ends up clouding the creative process and renders them unable to pursue their goals. If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block or any other kind of creative block, then you know how debilitating this can be. Looming deadlines only exacerbate the situation, often making the blockage worse. For this reason, it is important that you train your mind to write at will.

The cause of a creative block can vary widely from person to person. Fear of rejection or failure is often the driving force behind most kinds of blockages that creative people experience. It may be due to a lack of support from friends and family. It can also stem from overly harsh critiques from people in the business. Whatever the cause, hypnosis can help you enhance creativity by breaking through these barriers and allowing your talent to flow.

Rachmaninoff, a famous composer of classical symphony struggled for years to get his “creative groove” back after his First Symphony was poorly received on its first performance. There were rumors at the time that the orchestra conductor, Alexander Glazunov, had been drunk during the performance, causing a poor showing. It made no difference — the critics lambasted Rachmaninoff.

While the failure was not Rachmaninoff’s, he fell into a deep depression and was unable to compose anything for three years. When the Philharmonic Society of London wanted him to write something for them, he could not get past his depression and immense writer’s block. To assist him, he employed the services of psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr. Nikolai Dahl. Using hypnotherapy, Dr. Dahl was able to help Rachmaninoff resolve the trauma caused by the poor debut of his First Symphony, and the composer was able to resume composing music. In fact, following his treatment, Rachmaninoff composed his most famous work: his Second Piano Concerto. He dedicated this composition to Dr. Dahl, his hypnotherapist.

It is said that the song, “I Think of You” by Frank Sinatra borrowed from the first movement of this Rachmaninoff masterpiece, while Eric Carmen borrowed heavily from the second movement to create the song, “All by Myself.”

Sylvester Stallone is another well-known person who has used hypnosis to help him with his writing and acting. Stallone had been struggling to get noticed in Hollywood for ten years. After seeking the services of a hypnotherapist, he was able to write the script for Rocky. He credits hypnosis for enabling him to write this Academy Award-winning script. He also used hypnosis to help him get into the role of Rocky Balboa. Of this he states, “I arrived in Philadelphia for the location shoot and was scared to death. But every day I stretched out and played the subconscious motivation recordings made for me in Los Angeles.”

Acclaimed author Stephen King told Fortune Magazine, “I think writing is self-hypnosis.” When King writes, he enters a trance-like state where he has the ability to write for three and a half hours. It is when you access your inner creativity that writing becomes easy. It becomes a way of life.

While hypnosis will not make a person able to act, compose music, or write a screenplay if they don’t have the talent for it, it can help strengthen these abilities if they already part of you. As with Rachmaninoff, hypnosis can help you to get past fear of rejection and poor performance, or as with Stallone, it can help you to become a better screenwriter and actor.

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With over 16 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you to gain confidence and love.  

Through hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy, we can help you overcome limiting beliefs and blocks, be your best version of yourself and open the door to love, laughter and companionship.  

We offer in-person sessions in our Los Angeles and Northern California offices, as well as online sessions.  Both are equally effective.  Many of our clients are all over the world.

What is hypnotherapy like?

The experience is a very relaxing one.  In fact, our hypnotherapy has been likened to a mental massage.  

Every part of the process will be explained to you every step of the way so that you feel safe and relax completely.

How many sessions will I need?

For most topics, it’s a good thing to have in mind at least a few sessions.  People usually reach their goals in just a few sessions.  If you then decide that you would like to work on something else, we can help with that too.  

Many of our past clients continue to be our clients because we’ve helped them throughout the years with anything that life has thrown at them.

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