Post Traumatic Stress Treatment

If you are experiencing severe ongoing emotional reactions to an event or series of events from the past — be it post traumatic stress or some other form of trauma-induced anxiety — hypnotherapy can help you resolve it so that you can move forward in your life.

We would like to believe that we live in the present. In reality, however, there is a huge part of our minds (the subconscious) that bases the present on the past. Everything in the past, be it behavioral patterns, habits, or emotions, are the equivalent of the programs that a computer runs on.

Each and every time we are faced with a new situation, our minds, in less than a split second, look for how it is that we have reacted to that same or similar situation in the past. If there is a negative pattern, habit, or emotion stored in your subconscious, it will consistently keep pulling that same response. With time, this tends to create a snowball effect from the many times that this same scenario has repeatedly taken place, resulting in increased anxiety, depression, and fear.

With hypnosis, you gain control over not just your emotions, but your life. Our hypnosis sessions will be geared towards helping you remove any programming that has been holding you back, and replacing it with exactly what you want. So in the future, when your mind looks for stored patterns, habits, and emotions, it finds new positive thoughts and behaviors.

Hypnosis truly excels in helping you transform yourself into who you want to be by tapping into your full potential. You’ll be surprised at the amazing changes that can take place.


Book now so that you can work with your mind and live the difference yourself. 


With over 16 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you to gain confidence and love.  

Through hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy, we can help you overcome limiting beliefs and blocks, be your best version of yourself and open the door to love, laughter and companionship.  

We offer in-person sessions in our Los Angeles and Northern California offices, as well as online sessions.  Both are equally effective.  Many of our clients are all over the world.

What is hypnotherapy like?

The experience is a very relaxing one.  In fact, our hypnotherapy has been likened to a mental massage.  

Every part of the process will be explained to you every step of the way so that you feel safe and relax completely.

How many sessions will I need?

For most topics, it’s a good thing to have in mind at least a few sessions.  People usually reach their goals in just a few sessions.  If you then decide that you would like to work on something else, we can help with that too.  

Many of our past clients continue to be our clients because we’ve helped them throughout the years with anything that life has thrown at them.

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