Hypnosis for Acting, Modeling and Singing

Hypnotherapy for Acting, Modeling, Singing and Auditioning:

Be Confident

Both actors and models need to be confident in themselves and in their abilities. Unfortunately, many actors work in the trade, but don’t really see themselves actors, much less as people who can command top roles and pay. Hypnosis can help you see yourself as who you want to be, which makes getting there so much easier. For models, hypnosis can give you confidence in your beauty and abilities, even while wearing high heels in front of an audience of millions. Whether you are doing a beauty pageant or a photo shoot, hypnosis can give you the confidence you need to succeed as a model.

Stay Calm In Your Auditions

Stop seeing your auditions as stressful and vulnerable moments. Feeling nervous and self conscious leads to performances that comes across as stiff and stilted, rather than the natural flow that characterizes an exceptional performance. Hypnosis can help you keep your mind calm and focused during your auditions. This is done by training your mind to reframe the audition experience, making it into an empowering situation in which you come into your own. This is done through a combination of guided imagery and positive suggestions while in the hypnotic state. With the use of hypnosis, you can train your mind to act, regardless of distractions such as who might be in the room. Train your mind to be in the moment so that you can give a stellar performance.

Get In And Out Of Character

A good actor becomes the character he or she seeks to portray. Truly memorable performances are partially a result of this ability. When you are your character, every gesture flows with ease, including your vocal inflections and intonations. Your character’s affect and demeanor takes front stage center, because you’ve already left yourself at the door. This requires a level of immersion that is not unlike the hypnotic state. Since the process of role immersion and hypnosis have many common aspects, learning self-hypnosis will improve your ability to get into your characters quickly and thoroughly. By giving yourself the ability to go in and out of character on command, you give yourself the ability to retain a strong sense of who you are. This ensures that you do not inadvertently create any psychological issues resulting from blending the lines between your characters and your own identity. In addition to helping you get into a role, hypnosis can help you retain a clear sense of yourself, apart from the roles you play.


Overcome Stage Fright/Performance Anxiety

Stage fright, also known as performance anxiety, can be crippling to actors, whether they perform on stage or in front of the camera. Stage fright is the anxious feeling or downright fear that comes over some people when face with the prospect of having to perform in front of others. For some, it can be paralyzing, while in others, it takes the form of “butterflies in the stomach,” as the colloquialism goes. Just as with helping the actor stay calm for auditions, hypnosis can help with stage fright in the same way — by engendering positive associations tied to performing on stage or before the camera. Through hypnosis, you can train your mind to experience a new reality in which you are calm and in control.


“Sasha helped me feel confident and prepared for the Miss California USA competition.”

— Lindsey, Miss LA USA 2011 Lindsey Sporrer, Los Angeles, CA

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